Word Puzzles by POWGI is a collection of six different word puzzles.  Three of these puzzles are available as amiibo puzzles, giving you a custom puzzle to solve whenever you touch an amiibo.

The puzzle that is created is based on two pieces of information stored on your amiibo: the amiibo's nickname and the name of the owner's Mii.  Sometimes, it is just not possible to create a word puzzle from the pieces of information available.

If your amiibo has a name that contains symbol characters, they will be removed before creating the puzzle.  For example, "(MEGA-BOY)" will result in a puzzle that uses the word "MEGABOY".

To create a puzzle, the game needs to be able to use a word that is at least three letters long - after removing any symbols.  So if your amiibo is called "Jo" or "<:=" it is not possible to use its nickname in a puzzle.

In this case, the game will attempt to use the name set for the Mii of the amiibo's owner.  Again, if this name does not produce a word with at least three letters in it, it is not possible to use the name.

If neither the amiibo's nickname nor the owner's Mii name can be used, it is unfortunately not possible to create a puzzle for that amiibo.

Please contact us with the name of your amiibo and its owner if you would like further explanation.