There's no signup required for Associate, which means you don't need a username and password.  You are assigned a temporary username as soon as you open the app for the first time, and then you can select a new nickname using the button in the bottom left of the menu screen.

This means that if you play on an iPhone and an iPad, or if you switch to a replacement device for any reason, you won't be given the opportunity to log in to an existing account.

However, if you're a Facebook user it's easy to link your account and allow us to track your games across multiple devices.

You'll be asked to connect to Facebook the first time you start a new game and select "Invite Facebook Friends".

Note: you don't actually have to invite a friend and start a game after doing this!

Once you have connected to Facebook on both devices, your games will be linked and you can play them on either device.

The same applies if you have a new device: connect to Facebook to retrieve your games and any extra stops you purchased.

If you are not a Facebook user and need to recover a lost account, contact us for further assistance.