Words About Friends reads your Facebook profile and looks at your recent activity to build a word search using words about you.

This is only possible if you have completed enough information on your  profile, and if your Facebook privacy settings allow your friends to see it.

The word search a friend plays about you should contain words like:

  • Your school and the subjects you studied
  • Your employers and job titles
  • Names of members of your family 
  • Friends you have in common
  • Places you've lived or been to recently 
  • Your birthday month

To generate a word search, there must be at least 8 words to be  hidden in the grid. 

There are a number of reasons why a friend might not be able to  find this many words about you:

Do you have education and work information on your profile?

Add your current position and a little history.

Click here to update education and work history

Are your friends allowed to see your education and work history?

Check the visibility settings on your jobs and schools to make sure  friends can see them.

NOTE: You don't have to make this information public, using Friends is enough.  Or, use the Custom option if you want to select individual friends.

Have you set your hometown and current city?

Both of these cities will become words in a puzzle about you.

Click here to update your locations

Have you added members of your family?

Even if your family members are not your friends on Facebook, you can still free-type their names and set up relationships.

Click here to add family members

Are your friends allowed to see your relationships?

Check the visibility settings for your family.  It's one setting for all your relationships.

NOTE: Use "Custom" if you want to select only individual friends who can see this.

Remember, you don't have to make everything public!

Your friend shares information from his or her News Feed with Words About  Friends.  So whatever is visible to your friend is available in the game.

If you set visibility to Public or Friends, all of your friends should already see a good selection of words about you.

If you want to keep things more private, you can use the Custom option to allow only specific friends to see more of your information.